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CONTRACT FOR THE SALE AND PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE NO BROKER For good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged Seller whether one or more and Buyer whether one or more do hereby covenant contract and agree as follows AGREEMENT TO SALE AND PURCHASE Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to buy from Seller the property described as follows complete adequately to identify property County Montana. Address Legal Description or see attached exhibit As...
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Who needs the Sale and purchase contract of real estate?

This document is filled out when individuals want to buy or sell real estate without brokers. The contract is used in the state of West Virginia.  

What is the Sale and purchase contract of real estate for?

The contract provides detailed information about the seller and buyer of real estate; the description of the real estate; the purchase price and the earnest money of the contract; the type of financing; property conditions, etc. The contract is very detailed, as it is signed without a broker’s services. This document has legal force and is very useful in case any disputes between the parties arise.

What documents must accompany the contract?

The contract is usually accompanied by other documents including an insurance policy, inspection forms, financing plan, etc. The parties agree on the required documentation before signing the contract.

When is the contract due?

The due date of the agreement is stipulated in the text.

What information should be provided in the contract?

While filling out the agreement, the parties have to complete the following sections:

  • Agreement to sale and purchase

  • Sales price

  • Financing

  • Earnest money

  • Property condition

  • Closing date of the sale

  • Information about the title and conveyance

  • Appraisal, survive and termite inspection

  • Possession and title

  • Closing cost and expenses

  • Prorations

  • Casualty loss

  • Default

  • Attorney fees

  • Representations

  • Federal tax requirements

  • Notices to the buyer and to the seller

  • Eminent domain

  • Other provisions

  • Deadline list

  • Descriptions of any kind

  • Acknowledgement of earnest money receipt

The contract must be signed by the buyer and by the seller and each page of this contract should contain the initials of the both parties.

What do I do with the contract after its completion?

The completed and signed contract is kept by both the buyer and the seller as well for personal record. The contract is signed in two copies, one for each party.

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What's going on guys this is damien as promised this is a tutorial and a number of series that I'm going to be put together on the buy-sell agreement that's going to last I don't know / video two or three minutes I don't want to bore you guys to death I know how this can get really tedious so I'm just going to highlight a couple of parts here if there's any questions you have feel free to contact leadership or more of one of the veteran agents to discuss not everyone does the buy-sell the way I do it so you might want to contact anyone else now let's begin with the buy-sell agreement as we already know the buy-sell agreements between the buyer and the seller that starts the negotiations for your contracts regarding land residential homes commercial property what have you a first line is the date if you were to select the data on line three a dialog box comes up and you get to choose a date that you want the next line it talks about the full name of the individuals you can ask them how they want to hold it in title if it's with an initial or not in this case I'm going to put john s slip and Jane well can't spell Jane Jean just regular Smith the next one on line five is going to ask how they want to take it in title you have a choice they have the choice if they want to take it in first rights joint tenants with rights of survivorship meaning unfortunately if one passes the other one gets the property to tens in common basically meaning they have certain shears within the property single in his or her own right so they're only one person on the buy sell and other that would be like if you're taking it in another name or company name like S corp or incorporating it or something like that once your selected that you go to the next one and it would be the common name of the property itself so it would be let's say one two three four main street and then we're asking what city it is online as well as the county will say yellowstone county and then I think we also have the legal description so if you wanted to get to go to the cadastral data or the yellow sub county web page you can get that legal description there by typing in the person's name or the main street address or the common address all right so that would be it for right now guys if you I'm going to move on next time on the next video moving towards the rest of forms and if you have any questions feel free to give me a call have a great day thanks guys bye